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Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is a methodology that deals with the science of the architecture. It is an Indian system of architectural science that works on the principles of design, geometry, layout, measurements, and their potential to attract positive energy. The idea is to align the design system with the nature that augments positive energies around us. The commentary on Vastu Shastra is intricately given in Sthapathya Veda, and is collectively called as Vastu Vidya. The Indian ancient belief system has a strong base of the Yantra System, Directional Alignments, and Architectural Symmetry.

Vastu Vidya believes in auspiciousness of directions and structures. According to it, directions play a pivotal role in health, finance, marriage, and overall prosperity in the life of an individual. Our ancestors used to prioritize the implementation of Vastu Shastra not only for building Temples, but also for designing villages, towns, cities, and their homes as well. People have a belief that towns or villages situated in the inauspicious direction invite deprivation, diseases, and fear & insecurity among people. Thus, like other forms of astrology, Vastu Shastra has its own place and importance among people.

The rise in the infrastructural growth has resulted in the increase in the use of the knowledge of Vastu Vidya. People, today, consult Vastu experts before initiating projects like building offices and homes in order to get rid of any kind of negative influence on them. Some Vastu Tips are now common among people, like – Temple in home or office should be North-East facing, Kitchen should be at South-east direction as the Lord Agni prevails in that direction, and Bathroom should be at North-West direction. However, it is not that simple as it seems. All the structures should be in congruous to accord preferable results.

Vastu Shastra is itself colossal in nature, and required a high level of expertise. It transcends not only to recommendation of directions of, let say, our Puja Room, but also recommends directions for our Gods as well. For example, the idol of Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva must be North-East facing. On the other hand, Lord Rama prefers East direction. Similarly, Vastu Shastra explains amiable directions of our all Gods. Vastu Vidya is not limited to just our Puja Room, Kitchen, and Bathroom – it explicitly explains the significance of each and every thing we keep at our home. For example, among Hindus, Broom is considered auspicious and need to be placed well in home as it denotes Ma Laxmi. Similarly, there are details on where one should keep the plants at home, what should be the colors of the wall, and many more.

Vastu Shastra has come a long way, and we, at Astroshubh, have made it even more accessible to our customers. Astroshubh offers you a detailed Vastu reading through our Vastu experts. We have a range of Vastu experts on our platform who have comprehensive knowledge on Vastu Shastra. They carry out commodious research and are able to give best Vastu tips to their clients. Our customers have seen immense changes in their business, health, and overall life after seeking Vastu tips from experts on our platform.

Predominantly, people have the fear that Vastu experts will ask them to shift their house or will ask them to ‘restructure’ their house. Most people are not in the situation to shift or restructure their house. Our Vastu experts understand this hesitancy of people, and try to give Vastu tips that can be easily carried out by them with the little involvement of money and cumbersome tasks. However, people who are planning to shift or construct their new homes can connect with our experts who are proficient in Vastu Shastra to get detailed answer on Vastu tips for growth and prosperity.

Astroshubh believes in the well-being of the humanity, and through our expertise in mystic sciences like Vastu Shastra, we assure that our customers never misses the moments that are destined for them. We’d always strive for excellence, and with the help of our expert team we will continue to do so.

Advance Remedies

In this we provide advance remedies, which include yantras, pyramids, special enegize paintings etc, our expert will send you proper report then you have to buy those things from our astroshop, in that report we will mention which yantra/paintings/pyramids to be place to correct your house doshas.

Note:- For basic/advance remedies you have to provide proper map of the house.

Home Visit

Where Vastu expert will come at your home and will make map of your house and will do the remedies as per your requirement whether its basic or advance.

- For the advance remedies you have to pay charges of products.
- For the basic remedies you just have to pay home visit charges.

Basic Remedies - Online Vastu Consulting

In this you will get basic remedies of your house, like color preferences, furniture placement, which thing should be in which direction etc.


Note : Click To Download PDF Of Sample Vastu Services