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Online Map Consulting

Where you will send your house map to our expert and he will send you a report on your email, sample report is given below


In this you will get basic remedies of your house, like color preferences, furniture placement, which thing should be in which direction etc.

  • 1 BHK : $ 70
  • 2 BHK : $ 110
  • 3 BHK : $ 140
  • 4 BHK : $ 190
  • 5 BHK : $ 220


In this we provide advance remedies, which include yantras, pyramids, special enegize paintings etc, our expert will send you proper report then you have to buy those things from our astroshop, in that report we will mention which yantra/paintings/pyramids to be place to correct your house doshas. NOTE:-For basic/advance remedies you have to provide proper map of the house.

Home Visit

Where Vastu expert will come at your home and will make map of your house and will do the remedies as per your requirement whether its basic or advance.

1)For the advance remedies you have to pay charges of products.

2)For the basic remedies you just have to pay home visit charges.

Note : Click To Download PDF Of Sample Vastu Services