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  • 01-Mar-2020

HOLI 2020- The festival of colours


Holi, the festival of color and zeal, is on 10 March.  Holi is a purely religious and cultural festival.  In this, the message of love-harmony and brotherhood is forgotten, forgetting the estrangement with colors.  According to astrology, if you choose colors according to your zodiac sign, then new and positive energy comes in life.  Let's know which color will be auspicious for you in this Holi.


 Aries should celebrate the festival of Holi with red and yellow colors.  Playing Holi with these colors will keep the communication of love and positive energy in your life.


 On the day of Holi, the people of Taurus should wear white clothes and play Holi in orange and purple.  By doing this, your luck increases.


 Gemini people should play Holi with green color.  Doing so will not only increase their honor and respect but will also intensify the relationship.


 The people of Cancer should wear Holi wearing white clothes.  By doing this, they will be very relaxed with wealth and fame.


 People of Leo zodiac can play Holi with golden, yellow, red and orange colors.  By doing this, not only will these people remain energetic but the people playing Holi with them will also be filled with enthusiasm.


 People of Virgo should play Holi with green, brown and orange colors.  By playing Holi with these colors, the economic crisis of the people of this zodiac is removed.


 The native of Libra zodiac will wear white and light pink clothes and play Holi.


 People of Scorpio zodiac should go to play Holi with red, maroon and yellow colors.  By doing this, your financial crisis ends.


 Sagittarius people should use red, and yellow colors to play Holi.  By doing this, your relationship with your family will be strengthened and you will not face any problem related to Guru planet.


 People of Capricorn must play Holi.  For this, they should use blue, black color.  By doing this you will quickly achieve your goal.


 The people of Aquarius should use black, purple and red colored gulal to play Holi.  By doing this, you will be able to cope with difficult situations.


 People of Pisces should play Holi with yellow color.  People of this zodiac should go to play Holi only after offering yellow color Shivling on Holi day.  It is believed that by doing this you get wealth and opulence.