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Acharya Rakhi

10 Years
About me
I am Acharya Rakhi  I have born in Bramhin family . By birthand always had curiosity and interest in occult arts and devolutinary sciences.  I am a certified Vedic Astrologer. I have 8 years of experience in the field of astrology . I was  a teacher ,  But my intrest in astrology I have completed my degree in MAHARSHI PARASHI JYOTISH VIDIWALAYA  in vile parle MUMBAI. Dr Hs Rawat is my astrological teacher Intially , I started by predicting for my friends and family though astrological reading . Astrology is a science , Astrology is the study of patterns and relationships of the planets in motion , our birth chart ,synastry with others , the make-up of elements –and using this knowedge as a tool to find meaning .  A science which can help people discover the features and elements of the persons characters, destiny, nature and the behaviours on this time e.t .c.According to the date of birth, birth time and birth place .I personally believe the real effect of any planet-exalted, strong or in debilitation is felt during its Mahadasa (major period) and annterdasa bhukti (sub periods). My assessment of a chart is based on Gochar of the planet  nakshtra pada and how the planets are originally placed in the natal chart. I extensively use dasamsa, navamsa , saptmasa,Astakverga in prediction . I know how to solve problems in day to day life . Planets can cause positive and negative impacts in our life based on the planets positioning  and advice remedies to all the problems .
 I have provide that people guidance and solutions to many people of different aspects of life ,like love relations, marriage, relations , friendship, finance, Health ,career, childbirth , family Happiness, Horoscope matching ,marriage Analysis and analyzing other areas of the  life cycle. Abroad yoga e.t.c.The remedies  suggested are very effective and easy to adopt . I am motivational many deprossional person .My predictions are very accurate and detailed . I have helping thousands peoples in their life .I guide my clients to overcome their problems though prayers and poojas
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