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Ask Remedy in $ 5, you can ask remedy to follow generally or for a particular problem to sort out, Our experts will provide you remedies on the basis of your birth chart.
You will receive your answer maximum within 24hrs.

Dear customer,
As per your birth chart you are GEMINI ASCENDANT and SAGITTARIUS MOON SIGN, Well!! As per your question I will mention you remedies to follow on daily basis.

1) Mercury is your lagnesh so always focus on giving strength to your lagnesh: I will advise you to swallow TULSI leaves daily empty stomach in the morning, and daily listen Vishnu sahostrnama, if its comfortable you can recite “OM NAMHO BHAGVATE VASUDEVA”, 108 times daily.
2) As you mentioned, you have been divorced and you want to protect your running second marriage, I will advise you to wear some ornament of silver, it will maintain calmness in your relationship.
3) Your lagnesh is in mrigshirsha(nakshtra of parvati) and sun which is in lagna is in ardra(which is shiva nakshatra), you should recite Maha mritunjay mantra 21 times daily, you have special blessing of mahadev it will help you to maintain that.
4) Wear pukhraj, it will give boost to your career.
5) Your Saturn is in good position which rarely people have so I advise you to recite “OM SHAM SHANESHCHARAYA NAMAH” 108 times daily, light a diya under peepal tree adding mustard oil and seesame into that diya on Saturdays.


I Hope these remedies will help you to get all the happiness in life.

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