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Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science. A Vastu dosha in Vijay Nagri’s Maya Sabha caused Mahabharat between the Kauravs and Pandavas It is a meta physical science which balances 8 directions, 5 elements along with the gravitational force, electromagnetic force of earth and the cosmic force emitting from the atmosphere to balance with human life for progress, progeny, finances, physical and mental health, progeny, stability, leadership etc. Vastu literally means the " science dealing with building".

Vedic Astrology


The Sun ("I Create") addresses your splendid, mindful, innovative, weighty focus self. The Moon ("I Feel") addresses your delicate, unaware, feeble, energetic nature and self. Sun is your habits, your soul, how you are internally and the position of the sun represents how good soul you are, and moon represent how your mind set is, if moon is afflicted in your horoscope, then you will have fickle mind, moon represent your mentality and moods.

Why Astrology


Astrology has always remained a controversial subject to modern scientists. However, ancient Rishis had perceived astrology as the ‘Science of Time.’ The reason is nobody is beyond the time. The ‘Time’ has its own streak, and no person can break this streak unless it’s God’s will. Here comes the role of Astrology – It helps individuals to know what ‘Future’ holds for them. Astrological readings let individuals know their destiny – for what they are born for. It shows the path on which individuals need to walk to reach what is destined for them.

Astrologers take note of your time, date, and place of birth, and using this data they create a ‘Chart’ for that particular individual. This ‘Chart’ is nothing but the imprint of the position of planets in the sky. In other words, the position of planets at the time of birth of an individual helps to create his/her ‘Chart.’ You must be wondering how it is even manually possible to take the imprint of planets and construct a chart on that basis. Here lies the fact – Astrology readings are made on the basis of 9 planets called ‘Navagrahas’ in Sanskrit. These 9 planets are – Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra), Jupiter (Brihaspati), Venus (Shukra), Mars (Mangal), Mercury (Buddh), Saturn (Shani), and Rahu & Ketu (Shadow Planets). The crux is – one can see all these planets except Rahu & Ketu (shadow planets) with the naked eye. However, with the advancement of technology, there is no need to sit and observe the planet. Astrologers just need to know your time of birth, date of birth, and place of birth to prepare your Kundli within seconds.

These 9 Planets or Grahas to be precise play a pivot role in our life. The position of these planets at the time of our birth determines our life trajectory. One can argue that the position of all 9 planets is set by God due to our own Karma. That’s right, but what has been done is done. No one can look at their previous life Karmas. We, as an individual, always try to look forward and seek what the future has for us.

Astrology, being a predictive science, not only gives hope to people suffering due to their previous life Karmas but also gives them the opportunity to clean or redress their Karmas in order to make their life better. Though Astrology is a deep-rooted subject, its basics revolve around 9 Planets, 12 houses, and 27 Nakshatras. Planets have a tendency to give better results in some houses and Nakshatras at various degrees. In the birth chart of any individual if planets are sitting in an inauspicious house or Nakshatra, then such planet will try to create problems in the life of that particular individual.

Vedic Astrology, which is one of the most accurate forms of astrology, determines the future or life path of an individual through the Moon Sign. However, western astrologers consider Sun Sign for giving predictions. Numerology and Tarot reading are other forms of predictive sciences that are gradually gaining popularity in India as well. Predictions through Numerology and Tarot Readings rarely get fail as there are a few chances that astrologers make errors there due to fewer calculations involved in it.

Online Astrology Consultation & Services

The accessibility of the internet has made interaction easier for both astrologers and people. The trepidation among people is decreasing at an exponential rate when it comes to consulting online astrologers. Online Astrology has given the prerogative to people to choose their personal astrologers among hundreds of astrologers present on the platform. Astroshubh, as a growing Astro brand, uses its full potential to realize the needs of people. We have incubated the clique of astrologers that have empowered people through the best astrological readings.

Online Astrological consultation and services, in all these years, had shrunk the gulf between good astrologers and people. However, people are still being fooled around in the name of it. The rationale behind kicking off our online astrology consultation and services is not only to save the time and money of people but also to lessen the efforts of people to find a suitable astrologer when thousands are available. We, at Astroshubh, have worked extensively in order to build a team of experienced astrologers who are not only good at predicting, but are great when it comes to providing remedies with less involvement of money. Our actions had secured a far-reaching effect in the world of Online Astrology Services.

Online Astrologers

Astroshubh works on a motto of 100% customer delectation. We, as a brand, always seek contentment among our customers for using our astrological services. It feels glad to see the happy faces of our customers sharing their experiences of how our astrological readings given by our astrologers on the Astroshubh platform have become a warp and woof of their fortunate life.

We deliver our best, and no other than the team of authentic astrologers we have enjoys the laurels for it the most. Astroshubh ensures the team has the best astrologers. For us, ‘best’ not only means the year of experience an astrologer had but also how knowledgeable is an astrologer is and how keen he is about this subject. We, at Astroshubh, focus more on the research part of astrological readings. We assert that our astrologers are more into the research part of astrology due to the ever-evolving nature of the subject. We also keep a regular check on our astrologers through customer ratings and comments in order to assure quality services to our customers.

Astroshubh also makes sure that our astrologers are specialized in a subject or two. Specializations in medical astrology, career astrology, love astrology help our customers filter out the astrologer as per their needs. We also have a pool of specialized astrologers who provide readings through Tarot and Numerology.

Our Services

Since the incipience of Astroshubh, we have made certain advancements in the field of astrology consultation and services. Astroshubh, today, provides numerous paid and free astrological services through its platform. We have 4 paid services which include – Talk to Astrologer (On-Call), Ask Query, Chat to Astrologer (message), and Get Report. Under ‘Talk to Astrologer’ and ‘Chat to Astrologer’, customers get a chance to interact with their preferred astrologer. We enlist astrologers on our platform on the parameter of knowledge, and thus our astrologers cannot be differentiated. It’s just that demand for astrologers varies which reflects in the prices they charge from their customers. Our ‘Ask Query’ service helps customers get a detailed answer to their questions for a fixed price. This, in general, helps our clients to resolve their issues along with a remedy by paying a fixed sum of money. Our one of the four paid services includes ‘Get Report.’ This service of ours helps our clients receive profound astrological reports based on their Kundali. The reports pin-point all the strong and weak areas, their respective remedies involving issues like Finance, Career, Property, Marriages.

We, at Astroshubh, also take care of daily visitors on our app/website. We have assisted people with their daily horoscope, free numerology readings, free Sadesati predictions, Baby Name Analysis, Kundali Matching, etc. Among our free services, Prashanavali service is the most distinguished one. Prashanavali method was derived by Goswami Tulsidasji, author of the Ramcharitmanas. It is said that predictions through Prashanavali are given directly by Lord Rama, and thus no one can repudiate the prediction other than Lord Rama himself. Our users can now make use of this divine method to know what God has destined for them.

Why Choose Astroshubh?

Astroshubh is making the prodigious effort to abet our customers with the finest astrological readings. Our team of astrologers at Astroshubh is second to none and rated exceptionally by customers who have taken guidance from us. We have seen tremendous growth till now and are aspiring to become a one-stop solution for astrological consultations. Our expert astrologers leave no stone unturned in order to help our customers with proper remedies that astrologically suit them. We regularly assess our astrologers through performance parameters like customer satisfaction rate and push them to give the best guidance to our customers. We, at Astroshubh, can be your trusted guiding partner in your life path where you have to face certain ups and down due to planetary positions in your birth chart.



Yes, Astrology, as a science, is always correct. It is we humans who make errors while making calculations. People are bound by the ‘Law of Karma’ and its states that ‘fruit’ is its natural corollary. In other words, Karma has its own consequences – positive or negative. There is a particular ‘time’, destined by the divine Brahma when ‘fruits’ of our Karma will blossom, and we’d to have live with it. Astrological readings become incorrect only in two circumstances – When either the astrologers make mistake while reading the chart or when data provided by the native has some discrepancies.
Yes, a native can change its future. Astrology, as a science, would be of no use if a person is not capable of changing his future. It would be like - a doctor can diagnose the problem, but cannot suggest medicines. Hence, the motive behind predicting the future is to align our Karma accordingly so problems that we might have to face in the future get delayed or minimized. Astrologers suggest certain methods to please certain planets that have caused wrath in our life. The reason for planets’ wrath is our own Karma, and when we get to know the reason we have to please them so that they forgive us for what we have done in the past. For example, if a native is facing problems in his life due to Saturn, the probability is that the native has done injustice to people in their past lives. Saturn punishes these people and upholds the Dharma. Now, a native would have to please Saturn through chanting mantras as well as living their life with utmost honesty.
Astrology shows the path to the native by draining misconceptions that we have harbored for years in our minds about our life. People generally see one or two setbacks in their life as the ‘end of life.’ Astrology works as a flaming torch when human eyes failed to see the light. Astrological readings will make you more conscious about your Karmas, and thus aiding you to purify your own Karmas and bring positive changes in your life. The native grows in his life when he is compos mentis about the strengths and weakness of planets in his birth chart, and thus contemplate upon them before doing any Karma. As said by Lord Krishna in Bhagavat Geeta, Conscious Karma is the key to liberation. Thus, it is upon us how we see the role of astrology in our life. Making the best use of Jyotish Vidya can liberate the native as well.
The answer is No. The reason being is our life is not a straight path. We have different areas like career, finance, property, marriage which we try to make each of them compatible with each other. We have a tendency to get disturbed when we struggle in one of the areas of our life. Planetary positions, Nakshatras, and Certain Doshas affect our life. However, it is important to note that there is a certain time when such things affect our life. Each native gets affected in a different way at different areas of life in each transit of planets. Thus, it is advisable for natives to consult astrologers in each transit so that they can prepare themselves and handle the situation in a much better way.
Yes, of course. Remedies have the power to bring sudden changes in the life of the native if followed earnestly. Remedies are given on the basis of the birth chart of the native. Hence, two things are very important for remedies to work – 1) Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of birth should be accurate. 2) Astrologers should have expertise in chart reading and giving conclusions based on that. Astrologers recommend mantras and gemstones to natives according to affected planets in their birth chart. However, it is to be noted that natives must not wear any gemstone or chant the mantra without personally consulting an astrologer. Our Shastras has laid down a systematic method to chant the mantra which should not be violated at any cost. Proper guidance from the Guru is important before commencing the chanting of Mantra. Remedies work when they are faithfully followed without deviating from set rules.

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